Putrified Degradation - Manufractured - Limited Digipack CD

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EMAIL US FOR ORDER: inheritedsufferingrecords@mail.ruLimited to 50 handnumbered copies.Track list:1. Ripping At The Bind2. Fuse Together3. Manufractured4. Feasting On The Festering Dead5. Molded Into ...

EMAIL US FOR ORDER: inheritedsufferingrecords@mail.ru

Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

Track list:

1. Ripping At The Bind

2. Fuse Together

3. Manufractured

4. Feasting On The Festering Dead

5. Molded Into A World Of Torture

6. Sculpted To Rot

7. Godless And Gutless

8. Manipulate Hate

9. Dissimulation

10. Straight To The Gullet

11. Maggot Infested Tomb Of Gore

12. Hung With Barbwire



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