Maggot King - Scraping The Grinder Of Decay - Limited Digipack CD

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EMAIL US FOR ORDER: inheritedsufferingrecords@mail.ruLimited to 66 handnumbered copies.Track list:1. Sifting For Bumpers In An Urban Wasteland2. Tim Tam Asphyxiation3. Pay Ya Tick (Ft. Alex Paul)4. Bl...


Limited to 66 handnumbered copies.

Track list:

1. Sifting For Bumpers In An Urban Wasteland

2. Tim Tam Asphyxiation

3. Pay Ya Tick (Ft. Alex Paul)

4. Bludgeoned To Death With VB Bottle (Ft. Larry Wang)

5. Scraping The Grinder Of Decay (Ft. Zachariah Jackson)

6. What's Wrong Wif Dazza?

7. Good Mates And A Bucket Of Cones (Ft. Floor Van Kuijk)

8. Centrelink Jingle

9. Who's Going To Pay My Bus Fare?


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