Human Mass Extermination - Galactic Extinction Anomalies - Limited Digipack CD

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EMAIL US FOR ORDER: inheritedsufferingrecords@mail.ruLimited to 66 handnumbered copies.Track list:1. Intro2. Exobiological Extinguishment3. Xenomorphic Infestation4. Preemptive Black Hole Elimination5...


Limited to 66 handnumbered copies.

Track list:

1. Intro

2. Exobiological Extinguishment

3. Xenomorphic Infestation

4. Preemptive Black Hole Elimination

5. Intergalactic Cataclysmic Collapse

6. Zeta Reticuli Singularity

7. Aberrant Abduction

8. Absolute Decaying Of Species

9. Outro


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