Rendered Helpless - Suffer, Seraphim - Limited Digipack CD

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Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.Pre-order. Release/Shipping date: 25 February 2019.Track list:1. And The End Began2. Insatiable Domination3. Suffering Of Seraphim (Feat. Jesse Critchley Of Carnal)4...

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

Pre-order. Release/Shipping date: 25 February 2019.

Track list:

1. And The End Began

2. Insatiable Domination

3. Suffering Of Seraphim (Feat. Jesse Critchley Of Carnal)

4. Matriarchal Devirgination (Feat. Joshua Bain Of Depths, And Connor Of Mercy)

5. Consumed By Anguish

6. Delirium

7. Malediction (Feat. Vin Jones Of Plague Of The Fallen)

8. Transhuman Dread

9. The Emperor Of Nothing