Colpocleisis - Fallopian Fallout - Jewel Case CD

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Colpocleisis - Fallopian FalloutTrack List:1. Back, Crack and Spack2. Spasticated Facial Chiropody Encounterment3. Fallopian Fallout4. Murderous Aspirations of Throne Transcendence5. BrokeCrack Poundi...

Colpocleisis - Fallopian Fallout

Track List:

1. Back, Crack and Spack

2. Spasticated Facial Chiropody Encounterment

3. Fallopian Fallout

4. Murderous Aspirations of Throne Transcendence

5. BrokeCrack Pounding

6. Slamhouse of Horror

7. Dead Prostitute in the Entry

8. Singed Foetal Innards

9. Slam Fuelled Leviathan